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Dear AITP Region 18 Members,

Welcome to the October 2013 edition of the AITP Region 18 CommuniGram. We will keep you informed on a regular basis of current news and upcoming events around the region. Be a contributor for your chapter or as an individual member. To submit a short article, send it via email to John Parkinson at jwparky@gmail.com.

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Congratulations Thien Nguyen - United States Citizen

I met Thien "T" Nguyen at the National Collegiate Conference in April. He is a member of the Kent State University Ashtabula Student Chapter. I was able to talk with him for a few minutes but had no idea that he was in the process of becoming a US Citizen.

  "T" wrote the article below and for that I am very grateful.

A Long Journey

I moved to America five years ago. Five years does sound like a long time, but it really isn’t at all. I came to America when I was just a high school kid and knew nothing about this strange country, even the language. I thought, “Is it my second life?? I have to start all over again?” and all those thoughts upset me.
I was a junior when I came to America so I had to go to school like all the kids my age, even though I didn’t know a single word of English. Most of my classes were all about reading, writing and listening to English. I have to say that learning a completely new language is hard.

My family moved to America with empty hands so my parents had to work really hard and I had to work at that time too. I worked for a liquor store fifty-five minutes away from my house. I always took the bus to my work place after school and because I worked after school till late at night, I brought all my homework with me to my work place.

I love schools here. I was amazed when I saw the computer lab at my old high school, and all the technologies the school had, and that you can go to high school for free. I was surprised that people can go to high school for free in America, because my family had to pay for me to go to school before, and it was expensive.

I lived 2 years in California and moved to Ohio. I started to feel a little upset about moving. I moved to Ohio and decided to go to high school again, because my English wasn’t good enough to graduate with a diploma, so I spent one more year at high school.

When I graduated from high school, I wanted to continue my higher education so I applied to Kent State University at Ashtabula. I met a lot of awesome people on the campus, and that is when I joined the Student chapter of AITP.

AITP is my second family. All the members are really nice and they are all smart and professional. Our AITP group is just a group interested in technologies, where all the members always help each other out, and they all stand by together to share sad moments and happy times with each other. No one stands alone in the group. They can always come in and talk to another member, and we have awesome advisor, Professor Carolyn Carvaho in our group. She always helps the students around the campus and students love to talk to her all the time. She helped me a lot in my first year of college; I think I wouldn’t make it this far without her help.

So five years flew by fast and now I will become a US citizen. During these five years I have experienced and seen a lot of new things, and also acquired plenty of new knowledge. After becoming a US citizen, I will still move forward and keep learning as much as I can. I’m sure the road won’t be easy, but that’s how life works!!

Thien Nguyen

Thien Nguyen

Akron Canton Chapter Celebrates 60th

The Akron Canton Chapter held their 60th anniversary on the evening October 29th. After a fine dinner, officer installations were done by Region 18 President John Parkinson, who also presented the Chapter's 2012 COPA banner and a 60th anniversary plaque.
    2014 Akron Canton Officer INstalled  2013 Akron Canton 60th Anniversary  John Parkinson and Jackie Roth     

Five members gave a very interesting presentation of Chapter history. I found out two things: women were not initially allowed to be members and the Association of System managers merged with AITP.

IT Con

The October 26th IT Con is being held at the DoubleTree Inn, 340 Racetrack Road, Washington, Pennsylvania. Yung Chou, Senior Technical Evangelist at Microsoft, presented 2 sessions. An update of Windows 8.1 OS and Windows Server 2012.

Yung Chou, center and Harvey Schoenman, right.

Denis Rudd II, Regional Director of Training and Development @ New Horizons  gave a very interesting presentation on "The Importance of IT Certification". Dennis also talked about the many different types of certifications and the testing involved in each.

Denis Rudd and George Illka

BEWARE - A New Kind of Ransom Ware

While I was driving to the Akron Canton 60th Anniversary meeting, I was listening to Leo Laporte’s "This Week in Tech" Episode 429. At the 30 minute mark (+/-) Leo played a short audio clip of an interview with Steve Gibson of Gibson Research Corp.

They talked about a new form of ransom ware called CryptoLocker. This is a much nastier version of ransom ware as it encrypts ALL of the files on a computer. The bad news is that the ransom ware seeks connected hard drives, USB drives, NAS devices AND shared folders on other computers.

The ransom ware is sent as an email with a link to a bank, PayPal account or even an attached ZIP or PDF file. All of the links launch an exe file that install the program and encrypts the data. A pop up then displays a message that states that the files have been encrypted and the user has 72 hours to pay $300 or euros or even BitCoins to get a private key to restore all of the files to their original condition.

If the user ignores the warning and the 72 hours expire, the private key is destroyed and can not be regenerated. BAD NEWS!

According to Steve Gibson, the encryption is so complicated that experts are unable to de-crypt files.

So, now more than ever before, be careful with email attachments.

The following article was found at ARS technica: http://arstechnica.com/security/2013/10/youre-infected-if-you-want-to-see-your-data-again-pay-us-300-in-bitcoins/

Did you know?

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